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The game provides an opportunity to escape from the daily grind. Sit comfortable, jump into your favorite car, crank up the sound to maximum and go on a journey.

Compete with the artificial intelligence for the best passage of the track or challenge your friends.

RetroDrift: Retrowave Online Road is a retro-futuristic arcade game, take control of one of the supercars and go on a journey along the highway in the style of retrowave, master the art of drifting. The game was inspired by the arcade races of the 80's, only it's all wrapped up in a futuristic environment of glowing cyber mesh.

  • 5 Cars
  • 6 Different tracks available to complete with friends or solo.
  • Unique retro-futuristic atmosphere
  • Great Retro Wave/Synthwave music.
  • A fascinating and relaxing gameplay.
Sistem Gereksinimleri

İşletim Sistemi:

Windows XP, Vista, 7,8,10


Intel Core 2 or similar

Grafik Kartı:

2 GB

Depolama Alanı:

3 GB available space


4096 MB RAM