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// The World //

The world is made of cats.
Cats are gods.

Humanity disappeared, cats remained.
Strange creatures roam the earth.
You are a magical girl summoned (bio 3D printed) by an android to take care of the cats.

Your mission is to control the girl to take care of the cats in the base, find the 13 god cats who went for a walk somewhere and reconcile with them.
Her mission is to create a comfortable base environment for the cats to live in while eliminating the dangers around the base. She must also increase the number of cats in her care.

Ningen is not the only one who worships cats. Cats are now the idols of all life and non-life on earth. They are the object of worship of monsters, zombies, aliens, fish, demons, gods, automata, and much more.

We need to reconcile with as many cats as possible and ask them to move to our bases and live a life of grace.

// GAME //

This game is a so-called roguelike game in which you explore an overlooking, auto-generated dungeon.
Grid movement is turn-based. If you run out of power during the adventure, your level returns to 1 and you lose any items you had.

Each time you level up, you are presented with several random skills corresponding to the job you have set, and you can acquire one. Choose your job and skills strategically according to the objectives of your adventure.

You can customize your fighting vehicle with resources and parts collected in the dungeon. If a combat vehicle is broken, it does not lose its equipment (although it must be repaired). (However, they will need to be repaired.)

Defeating enemies and expanding base elements, especially boss monsters, will increase the number of cats in your base.
The more cats you have, the more you can strengthen your tanks and add abilities.

The game is currently in Early Access. The game balance will be adjusted and additional elements will be added through version upgrades.
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Grafik Kartı:

video memory 1GB

Depolama Alanı:

1 GB available space