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Rainbow Tap is a fresh new style music & rhythm game. It has 4 modes easy, medium, map and surfing with 16 songs in the first version of release. Go check out and enjoy this fresh new style of game tapping with the music & rhythm!

Use ASDJKL to play a hit or just tap the screen if it's a touchscreen.

The game uses grey circles as the determine/judgement circle regarding of rating and scoring. When you tap with the rhythm and by the hint of growing color circles, the closer the color circles get to the grey circles, the higher score of rating you get.

The rating and scores are OK, Great and Perfect corresponding to 80 to 90, 90 to 98 and 99 to 100. And of course if you failed to get a match by tapping, it is a miss and no score. The combo counting is keeping added if OK, Great and Perfect so until it's a miss.

The game will track and record the total score and max combo you played of a song and mode.
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