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Jorge Montolío

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Welcome to your own mess, Lex... The storage of your Metaverx!
Following the events of his first adventure, Lex is now the busy owner of the Truffle Shuffle. However, the space-time remains open and Lex justs needs to follow the timeline; but, as busy as he is, he will fancy a shortcut that will lead to a catastrophe: a breach in his Metaverse.

Debugging the Metaverx
Press Lex to Metaverx is the sequel to From Lex to Rex, does this feature a wiser Lex? Hell no. His tunnel vision and stubbornness will force him to fix his reality and face the main subject arising in each level of the Metaverx: should he stop trying for the sake of his friends?

A quest where each level presents itself as a challenge.

Unfinished business
Not everything must be solved in the Metaverx. You faced the Rex, now it is time to face the Queenx.

  • Old school point and click adventure - Monkey Island, Beneath a steel sky, Hollywood Monsters... You know what I´m talking about. Simple mechanics, some challenging puzzles and pixel hunting (you´ve been warned).
  • Standalone Story – Set after From Lex to Rex, features some recurring characters and themes in addition to new ones. Can it be played independently? Be my guest!
  • Logical nonsense! - Does cotton candy count as cloth? Of course, it is cotton, it says it on the name! Rest assured, just follow the clues, listen and sharpen your eyes: all puzzles adhere to a consistent internal logic.
  • Decissions matters: will you take the fast way or you´ll take your time to solve things the other way? There might be some rewards ahead...
  • Nice crisp retro pixel art work - which makes the game even more indie.
  • A love letter to pop culture - books, movies, music, etc. Look for those Easter eggs!
  • The Truffle Shuffle - The short prequel to the game (or the pre-sequel, whichever you prefer). Help Lex open his truffle business and the plot of the incoming game.
  • In numbers: 22 stages, 20+ scenarios, 100+ inventory items, 4500+ text lines, 200+ animations (characters, objets, scenarios...), 20+ ambient and music tracks, 40+ achievements (some of them depend on your actions), 1 developer.
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İşletim Sistemi:

Windows 7 or later 64x


2.0 GHz

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1366 x 768