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About this game.

In a cave filled with a lurid miasma, adventurers are forced to play out a lewd scenario without a plot.

Random adventurers with no clear storyline explore the cave, where monsters and succubi live, as they see fit.
They rejoice when they find treasures.
They become stronger by defeating monsters.
They are attacked by the same adventurers, and are beaten back
They are tortured by traps.
She is captured by monsters and scatters flowers on.

You are one of those "PLAY".

You can be one of those adventurers and explore the caves, or you can become a miasma-infested being and attack the adventurers.
Or you can simply watch from the sidelines.

There are many ways to "PLAY" in this game.

The Cave of Whores.

It was originally a nondescript cave, close to the city.
Every once in a while, a monster would take up residence, bringing with it a treasure.
It's a cave of low difficulty, used only for treasure or for training against monsters.
It was a low difficulty cave.

However, a top-tier demon tribe, the Succubus Queen, has taken up residence there.

The ruler, the Succubus Queen, has greatly altered the cave.
The cave has become a powerful expanse and depth, and even high-ranking monsters have come to live there.
In addition, the cave was filled with the lewd miasma created by the Succubus Queen, and became a whorehouse.
Men cannot enter the cave because they lose their minds to lust in the lewd miasma. ......
If you are a woman, you can manage to endure it.
Slowly, the body begins to feel a sweet tingle, and the sexual desire weakens it.
If she is accompanied by a companion for any length of time, they will be sweetly mixed together by the lewdness .......

Such restrictions are imposed by the whore prison.


It's a great way to make sure you're getting the most out of your money.
The treasures brought in by high ranking monsters are the most gorgeous you've ever seen!
And because they are high-ranking monsters, they have experience in battle!

It's up to the adventurers to find their way to the cave of the whore.
One by one, the adventurers set out for their own goals.

Let's enjoy as one of the many "PLAY"

Will you fall into a whorehouse of pleasure?
Or do you want to fight it out with other adventurers?
Do you want to perform heroic deeds to save adventurers trapped by monsters?

In .. randomly created npc adventurers weave their way through a scenario that has no path.

As an adventurer, you are also free to do whatever you want .......

Of course, you can also be an observer and see what's going on in the cave!
Npc adventurers will also be able to struggle in your garden.

And if you meet the requirements, you'll be able to "PLAY" in new ways at
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Intel Core i5-4590 / AMD FX 8350

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NVIDIA GTX 970 / AMD Radeon R9 290