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Kevin Blüml

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Platformory is a 2D platformer with minimalistic graphics, in which you not only have to prove your platforming but also your memory skills.

Platforming and memory combined

When playing a level in Platformory you will firstly have a Memorizing Phase, in which you have to try to memorize the level as good as you can, cause after you switch to the Playing Phase, the level layout (some things like moving obstacles and stuff like that excluded) will become invisible, and you need to finish the level off of your memory.


The content in Platformory consists of 50 levels that you play through linearly, but you can always play any level you want, once you have unlocked it.


Platformory is designed to be a very very challenging experience, please keep in mind that no matter if you are more on the casual side or a hardcore gamer: Do not at all expect to beat every single level with your first few tries, it will pretty much almost certainly take you a good amount of tries before you finish each level for the first time, although theoretically beating everything on your first try is possible of course.

Never give up, because every time you fail, it will become even more satisfying when you finish the level!

But just in case you ever feel the need to skip a level, you can do so.