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This is Pixel!

A game that starts simple (and kinda slow)... but don't understimate it!

This is a minimalist platformer + puzzle game.
Control a being that aims to reach somewhere... always jumping, dodging, avoiding and tricking obstacles that seem not to let you proceed.

Pixel has 100 stages, each one with a different kind of challenge. You may think it's easy and silly game at the beginning, but it will show its true face when you get closer and closer to your objective. Prepare yourself to control a humanoid being and guide them through these stages to reach doors, so they can finally reach what they're seeking for. In this journey you'll have to face lasers, energy things that track you, flying robots that shoot missiles, rotating spiked balls, shooting stars, spheres that absorbs energy and much more.

Most of these enemies are so dangerous that can kill just by touching you. Use your skills and reflexes to avoid and dodge them, or even lure them to a trap.
Beware of intangible walls, they were made to trick you in so many ways. They can hide a secret, some kind of item that you need to progress or the way to your death.

After each stage that you complete the game will save automatically. So don't worry if you wanna rest and try again another time.

If you die... just try again ;D

-----===== Contains =====-----

- 100 Stages within 6 Zones - each one with a different challenge;

- Autosave after completing each Stage;

- Playable with keyboard or controller;

- Retro graphics and OST;

- Various enemies and obstacles that has the objective to stop you (they're only doing their job);

- Intangible walls that may make you mad (sorry);

- Secrets to find.

-----===== Controls =====-----

Arrows = movement;
Z or Space = jump;
R = restart stage;
X = teleport;
Esc = back to menu;

PS4 Controller:
D-Pad = movement;
Cross = jump;
Share = restart stage;
Square = teleport;
Options = back to menu;

XBOX Controller:
D-Pad = movement;
A = jump;
View = restart stage;
X = teleport;
Menu = back to menu;

This game was entirely done by one person that is not an expertise in all areas of game designing.
Please enjoy this hard work =3
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İşletim Sistemi:

Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 10


260 MB RAM