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Far back in the mists of 1982, there arrived a most peculiar game: Pimania. It was a text adventure like no other before or since, and it carried with it the promise of a real world prize for the first lucky sod to complete its baffling conundrums. That prize was, for some reason, a golden sundial, and was eventually won by Sue Cooper and Lizi Newman in 1985. Now, relive those perplexing days in this remastered emulated version.


Navigate a surreal world by the use of typed-in commands, but beware, this game is fiendish and unfair. You, of course, can't win the sundial any more, so this experience is reserved for those of you true Pimaniacs out there who want all the frustration with none of the glory.

Can you even get past the first screen? Oh, the Pi-Man is whispering in my ear that I apparently have to give you a hint, so here's a free one for you: when asked for the key that turns the lock, you must answer PI. But, just typing in PI won't be enough, oh no no, you must type the proper PI, the true PI, the ZX Spectrummy PI. "How do I do that?" I hear you wail and complain. Well, simply press both Shift keys (to emulate pressing the Caps Shift and Symbol Shift keys on the original Spectrum) to enter Extended Input mode, and then press the 'M' key, and Bob's your uncle (unless, of course, he isn't). What could be simpler!

As utterly mystifying as it is witty, Pimania is a truly unique experience.

This enhanced version introduces a number of modern features to this retro classic, including:

  • Saving/loading the game at any point
  • Full control remapping
  • Image scaling and smoothing options
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