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The Hardest Game Ever!

Jump, Dodge, Dunk and Fly with Piggy, who is a basketball player with a lot of enemy pigs that try to stop him.
Piggy Jump is a very difficult and complicated game with a lot of levels. The game is simple, player must avoid collisions with enemies and throw the ball into the basket, but because of a very complicated structure of levels and a lot of enemy pigs, to complete Piggy Jump becomes nearly impossible.

Piggy jump has 45 extremly hard levels and interesting mini games such as 2 player mode or endless mode.
First levels may seem easy but the further you go the harder the game becomes.
Complete all 45 lavels passing through different types of enemies and obstacles that try to attack and stop you!
Complete the game and know what happens in the end, that will be one of the saddest things you will ever see!

Game Controls and Mechanics

Piggy Jump has a very simple game mechanics, all you have to do is to use 3 buttons to control your Piggy.
You must avoid collisions with absolutely everything except the Ball and throw the ball into the basket.
Improve your flying, jumping, dribbling and dodging skills!
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Windows 7


Dual Core 2.4 GhZ