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Aksiyon, Macera, RYO




HILAHILA, Muso Project

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It is a world where the human world and the demon world coexist.

The peaceful small country of humans called "Orin".
In contrast," Orkinus" is a large country that controls the demon world.

At the time of the coronation of the new king, the demon king "Orkus" suddenly appeared.
The demon king "Orkus" defeated the former king and took the current king away.

Minerva, a warrior, confronts the demon king, Orkus, in an attempt to protect the king,
but she is unable to stand up to him and is defeated.

A crack is about to appear between the two worlds.

The leader of the kingdom's Kingsguard.
She is good at restorative magic.

The younger brother of the current king, "Mars".
He accompanies Minerva to the Demon King's Castle.
In fact, he has had feelings for Minerva for a long time.

King of the demon.
He defeated the previous king and took Mars, Merus' brother, to the Demon World.

The game contains battle scenes.

Somewhere in this world, the "Sword of the Brave" is sealed.
Finding the hidden "Sword of the Brave" will increase your attack power.

Will Minerva and Merus be able to protect the world?

About game

・This game is an RPG.
・Battles are turn-based.
・The more enemies you defeat, the higher your level and the stronger you become.
・If you get the "Sword of the Brave" which is hidden in the map, your attack power will increase.
・There are 6 types of enemies.
・The party is made up of Minerva and Merus, and the only way to clear the game is to defeat the Demon King.

Operation Method
←・→ Move
Z key Decide
X key Open the menu screen
C key Back
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İşletim Sistemi:

Windows® 7/8/8.1/10 (32bit/64bit)


Intel Core2 Duo

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