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-Version 1.245 (31 October 2021)
>Fixed lose glitch problem
>Fixed troops adjust button
>Fixed Surabaya and Lasem war in English language
>Fixed several East and Central Java factions religion
>Fixed number Java's Jung in selecting number ship when playing Srivijaya
>Fixed Great Galley number ship in ships UI infermation
>Fixed stability problem after port become warship battle
>Fixed Lewa Kembara's profile problem
>Fixed Majapahit name problem?
>Fixed text in ship information
>Fixed factions ask Lewa Kambera's trade rights
>Fixed Majapahit's trade rights double
>Fixed Banten's information and war
>Fixed Ende's information and war
>Fixed player's ship movement since before ship can enter land
>Add more information in campaign introduction
>Add more Portuguese and Spanish AI routes to and back from Mollucas

-Version 1.2445 (27 October 2021)
>Fixed tribute problem.

-Version 1.244 (27 October 2021)
>Updated all 11 native AI and VOC AI
>Fixed bugs allies system against Makassar
>Fixed bugs onformation about independent ports besude native factions
>Hide diplomatic information features
>Hide Pirates features
>11 factions in standard campaign, 2 factions in 1512 campaign, and 1 factions in 1630 campaign is playable!
>For 11 factions in standard campaign, 2 factions in 1512 campaign, and 1 factions in 1630 campaign now active
>Fixed problem in accessing Sunda and Mallaca strait for ships
>Trading rights will generate victory points
>Fixed trade rights for Ternate
>All Achivements changed
>Add more tutorial information about victory points, resource, and technology.

Build you port

Use diplomatic power to expand your maritime empire

Construct many unique ships

Choose historical factions which you like!

Choose 2 historical campaigns or just play standard campaign!
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