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Pedro Land DX is a mini compilation of two games, Taco Tower and Pedro Land.

Taco Tower marks Pedro Sombrero's start as a hero. His goal is to reclaim the ancient spire of his ancestors from the rabid monsters that roam his homeland, Doon.
Pedro Land continues Pedro's quest to stop the monster invasions at their source in Death City, one of Doon's ancient landmarks.
Both games involve run-and-gun action platforming like beloved games of the late 80s to early 90s, with a western feel!

Players can challenge themselves to collect every coin in both games!
Pedro Land also contains a secret Boss Rush mode, for those who want a real challenge... But be warned, you will get a good kick in the teeth!

W - up/interact with NPCs, doors, etc
A and D - left and right, respectively
S - duck/down
L/Spacebar - jump
K/left click on mouse - shoot
Enter - initiate game mode, exit NPC dialogue, etc
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