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There are four masked Bunnies in this passion KTV. They'll want you to launch all kinds of obstacles. What you need to do is shoot at them and flexibly switch three types of bullets to destroy obstacles.

Bullet part

Flame bomb - it is a basic bullet with medium firing speed and can destroy an obstacle.
Bubble - slow fire speed, can effectively defend against obstacles.
Flame Wave - very fast. The faster the speed, the greater the kinetic energy, so the flame wave can destroy two obstacles.

CG part

It is mainly divided into three categories: animation plot, interactive mode and film mode. Among them, the animation plot needs to break through the customs to unlock. There are four parts in total. There are up to 80 pictures of animation plot.
The interactive mode has many different modes. Whether it is to control the female character's clothes at will, or let her wear sexy black silk, white silk or cat ear props, it can bring you a very exciting experience! In the process of interaction, you can also control the speed with them. For example, some places continue to accelerate ~ the interaction mode has a total of 12 sexy sisters, and each part has 3-6 small plots. As for what is specific, it is still waiting for you to explore! All CG contents add up to more than forty!
The movie mode is simple and rough. You can watch it without any operation! Suitable for freeing hands.
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win 7/8/10



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gtx1060 3g