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Party Words is a.... party word game. It combines a ton of decks covering people, places, categories, objects, and music, with a bunch of game modes like giving hints, answering prompts, and thinking on your feet for new ways to play!

**Party Words is intended for in-person parties. There is no TV or "group screen" required, so it can be played on the go. The game can be played 2 ways: everyone has their own device connected online, or everyone plays using a single device that is passed around. Your screen should be hidden from other players during play.**

Multiple game modes to keep it fresh! We've got: giving hints to guess the word, coming up with responses to fit the category, doodle mode, and everything in between. Who's the fastest guesser? Who has all the ideas? Whose doodles are the best? Find out with Party Words.

All decks include a Basic and Advanced version to match your playstyle and experience. Play the Basic Deck (100+ words) for more casual players, or for unfamiliar categories. Try the Advanced Deck with 500+ words for replayability, or for categories you know well.

Play on a single device with Pass and Play, this is probably similar to games you've played in the past. Don't want to pass the device around? Join multiple devices to unlock new possibilities like drawing at the same time, letting the game handle whose turn it is, and having easy access to game information when it isn't your turn. Party Words supports cross platform multiplayer so your friends can join on their phones. No more handing off the device so someone else can play.