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Have you ever wondered what memories are? Can we affect or change them? Maybe they affect us instead? Maria, the protagonist of the story, is trying to understand herself and find the right way in a row of confusing events. You have to realize what is a reality and what is an illusion. Do false memories exist? Can we recognize them?
Paramnesia is a visual novel with the story given in a non-chronological order. You have to travel through heroine's memory fragments, but be careful: some of them might be false. Whether you manage to distinguish true from false will determine the ending. The novel includes three endings, but only one will reveal the truth.

Travelling through heroine's memories will happen with a program visually resembling a file grid that initially grants access to memories located on its edges. Your task is to move towards the center. Not all the files are actually Maria's memories, but they can provide you the information that will help you unveil the truth.
The game has 6 types of files:
1) Confession - the narration is conducted on behalf of the main character.
2) Etude - the narration is conducted from the 3rd person.
3) Database - information about sects.
4) SMS - letters that Maria receives from the sect.
5) Additional files - open with the right choice in the "Confession".
6) Encrypted files.
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İşletim Sistemi:

Windows XP, Vista, 7


1.6 GHz

Grafik Kartı:

128 MB