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You are the strongest, wisest and bravest of our tribe.
You must complete the trials to become Chief.
The trials lie ahead.

Classic Platforming - Classic Challenge

Pacifist Outside is a cinematic platformer in the vein of games like the original Prince of Persia, Abe's Oddysee and Another World. It is every bit as uncompromising as its predecessors: failure is frequent and progress is hard-earned.

Mystical Paths - Terrifying Truths

Play as a brave tribal leader, grappling with strange trials and unknown forces, as he makes a spiritual journey through a dark cave. Dash through heart-pounding chases, solve devious puzzles and discover the secrets within the cave.

Artistic Touch - Unique Presentation

A carefully crafted experience, designed screen-by-screen, featuring a distinct art style and spanning 150 screens, each with painstakingly drawn unique backdrops. And all of this accompanied by nearly half an hour of ambient and otherworldly music by Shugendo - the journey is every bit as important as the destination.

The Trials Lie Ahead