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Explore the ancient and mysterious dreamland of “Once Upon A Time In Morocco”, traveling through the golden sands, discovering their secrets and their ruins, and collecting the Lost Tablets of Self Acceptance.

Play at your own pace, the game was specifically designed not to have a competitive aspect as we focus on the exploration aspect the most, with its dreamy graphics “Once Upon A Time In Morocco” offers a cozy experience.

Our three main pillars in this game were to create something calming, charming, and fun. For the calming aspect, we focused on a very relaxing sound ambiance and other backgrounds SFX that should enhance the gameplay and make the player feel inside the dreamland, as for the charming part we chose a style that is very dream-like and not over-stimulating but just simple enough to be cozy, with its simple design the UI will guide the player through the exploration of each functionality, and finally for the fun part we aimed to make exploration itself as exciting as possible, that is why we added feature that enhances the experience for of the player, but no spoiling.

Use WASD or Right Joystick for movement, Space, A or X to jump, E key, B or O to interact, and Shift key, RT or R2 to sprint, and The Mouse or Left Joystick to move the camera.

Follow the waypoint to collect the tablets but remember to play at your own pace and enjoy the game, you can also use the compass to explore the dunes of the dreamland and find interactive objects that have an orange or green aura around them.

We are Outcast Digital Media, a team of creative individuals located in Rabat, Morocco. We started our journey in March of 2022 to primarily make video games but not exclusively, our team is comprised of Head developer: Zakaria Aguinan, Head Audio Designer:Walid Bouhaïk, Head 3D Designer: Salma Boushabi, Head of Project: Khalid Bouzarout, and Head Play Tester: Ilyas Frayhi.

Thank you for exploring our cozy dreamland and experiencing our first-ever game which we made in 3 weeks :)
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