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Directly inspired from escape and guessing games, Octofight Escape allows you to show your strategic skills to get out of the place in which you have chosen to appear as quickly as possible.
Each game is unique: the exits, the roles, and the items change.
It's up to you and your teammates to adapt in order to escape as discreetly as possible. Communication will be your best friend, remember you play as a team.

Two teams are facing each other, the « defenders » and the « attackers ».
The defenders must complete missions all game long, if they manage to accomplish them, they’ll win.
The attackers must attempt to escape by finding solutions, while doing tasks that the defenders will require them to do.

The lobby system allows you to create private or public games, in order to play, as you wish, only with your friends or other players from the Octofight community.
Thanks to the in-game mic system, you can as well coordinate and chat verbally with your friends and as well as with other players.
Updates are common for the delight of players, in order to add content such as characters, cosmetics, maps, and other ways of playing...

Time is running out, don’t waste it, run aways or catch them all!

This is a beta version.
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Windows 7 SP1+


SSE2 instruction set support