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Nott Longa is an abandoned retrogame haunted by folk horror creatures and ghosts of broken futures. You’re trapped here, in a liminal dimension where time has lost all meaning and the sun no longer rises. Past and future, reality and dreams, nostalgia and amnesia have merged beyond repair.

An oniric journey in which you confront glitchy riddles, use arcane objects and unlock the forbidden places of a doomed reality, while you meet ghosts, alien creatures and folkloric beasts.

In an abandoned world that refuses to decay, stuck in a virtual limbo, your actions will influence the destiny of its inhabitants, struggling with amnesia, sense of loss and dementia. You might eventually return to your reality, but you have to decide what to leave behind you.

A short story set in an everlasting night that recreates the places of Ravenna’s docks, a small coastal town in Italy, with an iconography inspired by retrogaming nostalgia, Romagnan folklore and industrial archeology.

Designed as an interactive nighttime story to enhance your dreams, Nott Longa is a non linear adventure through the hidden realms of nostalgia.
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İşletim Sistemi:

Windows Vista


Core 2 Duo

Grafik Kartı:


Depolama Alanı:

200 MB available space


200 MB RAM