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JXT, Black Country Games

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Pounce! Bounce! Meow!

NekoNecro is a fast-paced 2D platformer where all the graphics are hand-drawn and inked in a distinctly 90’s graphic novel style.

Run, jump, pounce and bounce your way through 100 levels spread across 5 worlds with inventive end-of-world bosses and a variety of exotic locations!

Challenge your skills with 50 collectible milk cartons spread throughout the game for an unlockable art gallery!

Beautifully drawn story panels add context and flair to this stylish liquid-smooth experience!

Play your way with multiple accessibility options!

Your platforming skills will be tested across a plethora of diverse and beautifully presented worlds, with a double jump, a dashing pounce, bouncing on enemies and making your way to the goal.

Tailor the game to suit your needs and your way of playing, with full controller support and a multitude of accessibility options. There’s multiple coloured overlays to help with visual quirks, options for changing the speed the game runs at, and how much time you have to make each jump!
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Windows 7


i3 or equivalent