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Enter the Nedia Hotel

Expanding Lore

Graduating from TAR University with a degree in Hospitality, you begin your internship at the Nedia hotel. Greeted at the lobby, they onboard you and provide you with your first task of tending to Floor 42. As you head to the lift. The power shuts off, what was a mere 23.8 seconds felt like hours before the power returned. Though, something is different, the music is the same as before, but your gut feels that something is off. Also there's someones guts on the lift itself. As you approach Floor 42, the run of your life begins. Only escaping once your tasks are met.

Thrilling Escape

You are the intern in hell, run through the maze-like maps to find randomly spawned plates all while avoiding the vicious enemies with teleportation and sprinting capabilities. Get caught in the hands of one of them and it is end-game. Collect all 8 plates within the map and make it back to the elevator.

Variance of Enemies

The BellBoy
On all fours, this bellboy hunts you down with his distorted slurred speech giving you goosebumps at every turn. When sighted, he'll speed over to you and before you know it you're in his grasp.

The Cleaning Lady
Killed in the past by an electric surge, the cleaning lady teleports around the map, with her evil laugh waiting for you to come within her range, upon which she will fly towards you to provide your last breath.


Currently there are 2 playable maps with more planned for the future with follow up updates. Each floor having it's own lore.

Challenge your friends

With Steam leader-board integration coming soon, you'll be able to challenge your friends and the world to the fastest level clears possible. Of-course, you may get lucky and have all the plates right near the exit. Or will you?
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İşletim Sistemi:

Windows 7/8/10/11


Intel Core i3 2.00 GHz

Grafik Kartı:

Intel HD 520