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A dark force is imprisoning the planets most desirable girls. You are their only hope. Discover the hidden tattoos on the beautiful girl bodies to free them from the curse and receive their gratitude.

Key Features:
-Over 15 individual sexy girls to unlock and gather in your harem
-Unlockable animated 3D sex scenes
-Randomized tricky hidden object gameplay
-Three tools to uncover the hidden tattoos
-Mysterious Maya dungeons to explore

Quetz Minor, a powerful Maya half-god, an offspring from an ancient alien race is visiting earth a thousand years ago. After the Maya god left he was banned as a perversion of nature.

His goal is to gain full god powers and immortality by draining sexual energy, the life source, from female beings. As an immortal, he will become the evil dark lord and ruler over Earth.

The cursed tattoos suck out the sexual energy from the women without killing them and trap them as a source of energy in a time-trap, petrified till eternity.

The tattoos are the incantation of the petrification and sexual power drain. Removing the petrification curse without draining the power first, the girls would die instantly. That's why the order must be kept under any circumstance.

Since he was exiled centuries ago, Quetz Minor has gathered the most beautiful females from all over the Galaxy as a powerful source of life energy. He has brought the girls into an undiscovered jungle city ruin and put a curse of invisibility over it to have time to harvest enough energy..200 years ago.

You are a student of physics for 3 semesters before switching to archaeology but nothing really hooked you. Your real interest is travelling, vacations and girls. On a field trip to Mexico, you discover the ruins where Quetz Minor captivates the girls.
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