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Enter the World of this 2D platformer stealth game where you use the power of 7 ancient arrows to participate in the most important events of brazilian history.

Who is NaÀra?

NaÀra tells the history of a Brazilian indigenous of the Tupinambá Nation, that, in the year 1500, right before the arrival of the Portuguese on the Brazilian coast, discovers her mystical ancestry, and, using time-space and 7 magical arrows as her allies, will have to sneak through the shadows to fight oppression in its many forms and faces.

Travelling through time she will visit the most important events of Brazilian historical past. Use the elements of each arrow to solve puzzles, incapacitate enemies, move in innovative ways and, with that, infiltrate the most secret events of Brazilian history, in missions that can change not only your future, but the future of an entire nation.

Main Features

  • Embark on a journey through time and visit 10 different periods where you can understand about habits and cultures.
  • Explore Brazilian history in its most iconic and decisive moments.
  • Use the 7 Vibrational Arrows and take advantage of the elements of creation to change the world around you.
  • Control Time and Space with your Amulets to change the flow of time and make sure that you will never be spotted by your enemies.
  • Master your Skills and Timing to move like an eagle, fluidly navigating and exploring these unique and beautiful environments.


NaÀra will have an extensive and tight 2D platformer set of moves. The player will use classic and innovative abilities to get around fluidly through the game world.

The main movement set of NaÀra will be similar to classic 2D platformers with horizontal speed and uprightness playing a major role in the progression of the levels, with the use of established mechanics like Double Jump, Air Dash, Wall Climb, Ledge Hang, Wall Slide, Wall Jump.

But, one of the main aspects of player movement in the game will be managing the 4 meters that will be directly linked to the use of NaÀra’s abilities. They will be drained according to the actions that the player choose to make. All of the 4 sources of abilities can help NaÀra move in different ways.

Management of every action is the key to success!
But it’s not only movement. The player will have to understand the environment, the challenges and set pieces to use the vast ability set that she/he has under control to make the right choice for attack, defense and puzzle circumstances. Every ability has different costs to be used, but NaÀra will maximize how much energy she can spend in each meter on the course of her journey.

Stamina Gauge
Used for all physical/normal movements of the character. NaÀra gets fatigued if it runs out.

Tupinambá Mantle
The Tupinambá Mantle is an historic item that was sacred for the Tupinambá Indigenous Nation. It will grant NaÀra her main air abilities that will drain with use in its meter.

Time Amulet
The Time Amulet will grant NaÀra her time control abilities and will have to be used carefully, as they consume a lot of the corresponding meter and take some time to recharge.

Space Amulet
The Space Amulet will control the Vibrational Arrows and will be drained with the use of each of them.

Each Vibrational Arrow will interact differently with enemies, environment and with each other, bringing a vast and varied arsenal to the player to choose how to face each challenge. They are:

  • Normal Arrow
  • Ether Arrow
  • Water Arrow
  • Air Arrow
  • Vegetation Arrow
  • Fire Arrow
  • Mineral Arrow
  • Earth Arrow

10 Levels through Time

  • Each one in a different era of Brazil.
  • Get to know common folks and their culture.
  • Meet historical characters.
  • Visit landmarks.
  • Learn about people, places, fauna and flora on the compendium in the menus.

Level 01
  • 1500 - Tupi Nation | Porto Seguro City - Bahia State

Level 02
  • 1575 - Cabo Frio War | Cabo Frio City - Rio de Janeiro State

Level 03
  • 1694 - The Fall of Quilombo dos Palmares | Serra da Barriga - Alagoas State

The other 7 levels will be announced during the course of development.
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