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Dirty Fox Games

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My Furry Protogen is a short kinetic novel about a guy who met NV-0903, a mysterious woman with strange cyborg-body and cute robotic voice. She claims to be a scientist who came to his planet to study it's flora and fauna, and now she needs his help. Why him? Well, for two reasons:
1) He's the first person who she met on this planet
2) He's the main hero of the story, what other reasons do you need?
Now they have to discover together his planet, which hides more secrets than they could think of.

Enjoy the story of strange beautiful planet and a small adventure with your new "partner" and discover why she came here.


• Short but fun little visual novel
• Cute female protogen!
• HD fully original artworks.
• Relaxing atmosphere.
• Some personal drama, as usual.
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Windows 7, 8, 10


Intel Core 2