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Murder of the Bear lake

You are bored and you want to go explore the forest of Bear Lake on the way you meet people you can chat with. When you meet a man who is sleeping you try not to wake him up, but he wakes up and you go talk to him he asks questions to you which you answer. Your roads are different but a tree has fallen on the way. You have to go ask the man if he can help you. The man says there is an axe on that stump. You take the Axe and and you get a split tree and you can continue your journey. Once you get to Bear Lake you will meet a fisherman. The fisherman also asks you things but then he needs mushrooms. You go to mushroom him mushrooms after you have given him mushrooms you can continue your journey. You are tired and you are on your way home. You will meet a camper you had met with a woman on the start of the trip. You ask her where the woman is she answers that she went home to sleep. You answer that so I'm leaving home and say goodbye to him. You end up in a starting place you see two cops. You ask them what has happened here. They are responsible for this woman being murdered. You recognize a woman she is a woman at the beginning of your journey. You start thinking about who it could be and you realize who it was and you tell the cops.

Game play

Murder of the Bear lake is a Adventure explore game where you do some quest and talk to people
Murder of the Bear lake is playable with Keyboard and Mouse.
The game length is short so there is no save system in game so don't leave the game if you don't want to start over
There is some cool ambience sounds and good background music


    • Good First person controller
    • Pickup
    • Quests.
    • Dialogues.
    Sistem Gereksinimleri

    İşletim Sistemi:

    Windows 10


    Intel core i3, AMD Ryzen 3

    Grafik Kartı:

    GTX 760,RX570


    8 GB RAM