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Welcome to a world where the entire human population of earth is undergoing a massive de evolution process! The human race has de evolved back into monkeys and are causing an apocalyptic mayhem over the entire earth! There is a research facility located in New Mexico called: "The Mad Monkey Facility". There objective was to understand exactly why people were de evolving back into monkeys and how to develop a cure for this de evolution process. However the Mad Monkey Facility did not succeed and actually ended up making things worse for the human race! It only up to you, as a fellow employee of the Mad Monkey Facility to end this terrorizing madness!

You are a one man army in this monkey doomsday apocalypse. Your only resource to defend yourself is a Nano quantum banana gun with limited water melon bullets so you must be careful with your shots. Your only ways of surviving are to run, fight or die! You must navigate through the Mad Monkey Facility without being murdered by crazy monkeys, in order to find the solution to end this terrifying and wacky nightmare!

Can you survive the monkey apocalypse?

- First person shooter survival horror where if you want to survive you need to shoot and run.

- Atmospheric experience where it gives the player a creepy feel while exploring.

- Zombie like enemies that randomly appear and follow you wherever you go. You run away and shoot them down with your quantum Nano banana gun.

-As you explore the monkey facility, you will need to locate a series of access cards in order to progress through the levels inside the monkey facility.

-Monkey Doomsday's setting and characters will give a truly unique and comedic experience for the player.

This game was made with unity!
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2 GHz Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon or equivalent

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1 GB