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Mongrel Games

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Mongrel Games Minigames puts you through 5 sets of 20 minigames each with their own theme and boss. Search through time in the Mongrel Universe to help a mysterious scientist find out more about the past and future as you go through the history of different time periods in the form of the minigames from prehistoric to the future. Earn in game currency and spend it on additional things as you progress the story. Including playable characters for the in-game lobby, earning more in the casino, or building a robot to compete in the robot fighting league.

The five themes included are:
Prehistoric - Survive mother nature and the uncivilized planet.
Medieval - Server the kingdom in a magical world at war.
Mafia - Prove to the boss you have what it takes to join the family.
Hero - Save the day from disaster as you stop a villainous duo.
Future - Use various technologies and colonize the universe.
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200 MB RAM