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LH Games Limited

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Mondrian Squares is a colourful, abstract puzzle game with random, procedurally generated levels so you never play the same game twice. Progressive difficulty with no upper limit ensures that you will always have a new challenge to face.

Throw in a chillout jazz soundtrack and a visual theme inspired by the works of Piet Mondrian and you have the perfect game to immerse yourself in whenever you have a little spare time.


Mondrian Squares is delightfully simple to learn, but fiendishly difficult to master.

The object of the game is to merge the coloured squares by clicking on the white spaces in between them until only one coloured square remains. If this coloured square is in the centre "goal" square you win and progress to the next level.

You begin with a puzzle that can be solved with a single move, but each level adds a new layer of difficulty and you will soon find yourself having to think dozens of moves ahead.

Your challenge awaits...
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