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GiBar, RoBot

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Description: in 1935, the leadership of the USSR decided to build a new reservoir in one of the regions of the republic. Almost all people left villages and towns, but some refused to leave their homes. But the government's project itself was not based on this, it was planned to build a laboratory where experiments on the creation of a superman would be conducted. You're the only one who was able to get into the secret corridors and you want everything back.

There are secret rooms in the game, to find them you need to look through every corner, there are walls that can disappear:)

3D first-person shooter in which you have to go through a large, secret cave, of man-made origin, destroying various undead. You can simply move around the game world and shoot the weapons that are given in the game. The game has a choice of weapons, replenishment of lost health with food and ammunition that can be found in the corners of the cave. Enemies have intelligence and it is not so easy to hit and kill them the first time, you will have to aim at the head. The whole cave consists of several large levels in which it is recommended to check every corner for useful resources for the player. The cave itself is built in the form of a corridor maze. There are many hidden and hidden rooms in the game that you have to find.
Control of the game mouse, arrows, R - recharge, E - raise, F - flashlight

Features of the game:
- good graphics;
- simple operation;
- interesting gameplay;
- light music;
- an unforgettable adventure;
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İşletim Sistemi:

Windows 8, 8.1, 10


Intel Core i3

Grafik Kartı:

Intel HD Graphics