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MISSION:DRIVER is all about vehicles and what you can do with them. Powered by very robust and realistic driving physics with Arcade elements you stay in control even at high speeds or in tricky situations.
If you want to put your driving skills to the test or even improve them, you've come to the right place!

Open World

Currently only a small part of the world can be visited (more to come), plus the 'Arcade Parking' mode. In the new now freely navigable world though, plenty of new opportunities present themselves..

  • Level up your character by completing quests
  • Do jobs for various companies (towing service, garbage disposal, city administration and many more)
  • Raise your reputation in the world to unlock new uniforms and special vehicles
  • Visit dealerships to purchase new vehicles
  • Style your vehicles in different workshops


In the future, all tasks will be started from within the world, and no longer via the main menu.

  • Arcade Parking
    Finish ingeniously built courses, peppered with obstacles, hunting for the ultimate course record.
  • City Administration*
    Maintain law and order in the city by handing out parking fines. (under development)
  • Towing*
    Secure accident sites and recover broken-down vehicles. (under development)
  • Garbage collection*
    Protect the city from pollution by disposing of garbage bags or emptying bins and containers. (under development)
  • Action Series*
    Rush from one randomly chosen location to the next in order to receive a time bonus for further locations. Your record for places visited can then be posted on the 'Leaderboards'. (under development)
  • Track Racer*
    Test your driving skills by completing various race tracks at high speed. Your record can then be posted on the 'Leaderboards'. (under development)


Get rid of the simple standard looks and customize your vehicle! The styling mode offers you a variety of options:
  • Multi-stage lowering of the vehicle
  • Various tire types and sizes
  • Huge selection of rims
  • Many colors for your vehicle and even for most rims

Full control

Various gamepads and steering wheel systems are supported. Even in menus you don't need a mouse or keyboard. Gamepads allow you to fine-tune the throttle and brake and give you better control over the steering.

Absolute control you gain using a steering wheel system. In addition to various automatic transmissions, you can also choose manual gear shifting. The gears then need to be engaged and disengaged like in a real vehicle. When starting off, be careful not to stall the engine (perfect exercise for novice drivers: 'Hill starting').

Do not worry! All missions, timing and scores were prepared by us specifically for each system (keyboard, gamepad, steering wheel automatic and manual).

* Please note that some of the features described here are still under development.
Sistem Gereksinimleri

İşletim Sistemi:

Windows 7 64Bit


Intel or AMD - Dual Core ~2 GHz

Grafik Kartı:

Nvidia GeForce GT 730 or Radeon HD 7660D

Depolama Alanı:

1 GB available space