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Crafty Weazel

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A classical puzzle-game with original mechanics

Discover the simple yet intricate rules of Minimal Crypt through 50+ handcrafted puzzling levels of ever increasing difficulty!

Bridging Hanoy's Towers and Sokoban with its original concept, it will challenge your neurons in an abstract and logical world.

Solve puzzles in an intriguing atmosphere, supported by a fully original soundtrack.

Level-editor and community levels included

To push the experience further, a level-editor is available from inside the game. Share levels with others by copy-pasting simple keys. Join our discord to share and discover many more levels to add to your game!

New mechanics might become usable from the editor only, with time.

About the Team

This game was made in a short period of time during lockdown by a passionate team made of two developers and a musician. We wanted to touch the essence of what makes a puzzle hard, try to tease players' brain with levels that encourage intentional problem solving and do all of that with a simple set of rules.

If you find some levels difficult, tell yourself that our dear AI-solver-assistant sometimes required several seconds to find a solution! We're only just humans after all...

Anyways, have fun and tell us what you thought of the game!

- Crafty Weazel -
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İşletim Sistemi:

Windows 7 (SP1+)



Grafik Kartı:



500 MB RAM