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Meteorites 3d

Fly through space in a 3D space while asteroids are hurdling towards you in this empty void

ZOOM through in this arcade type game

Trying to avoid and shoot down asteroids and occasionally flying saucers and earn points to get the highscore on the global leaderboards!

Scoring information

  • Small Asteroids - 20 Points
  • Medium Asteroids - 50 Points
  • Large Asteroids - 100 Points
  • Large Saucers - 200 Points
  • Small Saucers - 1,000 Points

Extra information

  • Saucers start to spawn around 1 points
  • You have 3 Lives to begin with and every 5000 points you earn an extra life
  • Once you hit 0 lives your score will be saved and you can leave the game or go back to the main menu

Old bouncy footage (:

Relive the memories of retro games but in 3D or make new ones

Enjoy the Game Created By A Single Developer,

Remember In Space No One Can Hear You Scream...

Sistem Gereksinimleri

İşletim Sistemi:

Windows 7


1GHz+ or higher

Grafik Kartı:

NVIDIA GeForce®️ GT 710

Depolama Alanı:

500 MB available space