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This game exercises your memory. It comes with a Shapes theme and a Fruits theme (collections of images)
  • There are additional Down Loadable Content themes available and many more coming (all very inexpensive)

The game has 3 button selectable difficulty levels (easy, medium, triplets).
  • There are rows of images, 8 images per row (so 3 rows for easy yields 3*8=24 image locations), but the images are 'covered' when play begins
  • Every play is different, the hidden image locations are randomly generated each time
  • The player clicks a pair of covered images to uncover them and see if they match. If they do not, they are covered again.
  • The player clicks a different pair to see what they are, and eventually discovers an image that matches a previous image
  • Now knowing the locations of a pair of matching images, the player clicks them and they stay uncovered.
  • The player repeats this process, remembering the location of new images, until all pairs are matched and uncovered
  • The game shows the players time, as well as the previous best time for that difficulty level
  • When players win and gain confidence, they can change the game to medium (6 rows yields 6*8=48 image locations)
  • When players become very confident, they can change to triplets of matching images (6 rows yields 6*8=48 image locations)

Since the score is based on fast times, it works best using a mouse to easily click squares.
  • you can also just relax and click, playing for fun and ignoring time
  • it is suitable for everyone, from children to seniors. Truly Family-Friendly

The initial base-game has a Shapes and a Fruits themes, but we have several up-coming downloads (all inexpensive) with other themes.
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1 GHz or faster

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DirectX-9 or higher