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Enter a universe filled with dark brutal enemies and environments. Players will enter a legendary and magical atmosphere with faster gameplay and heavier combat experience. Players will be play by the immersive gameplay and graphics.

Key Features:

  • It is an RPG game consisting of 4 seasons.The main character of the game is Asteria
      • Travel to different maps and different fantasy realms.
      • With a story never heard before, it is story mode single player game
      • Get ready for a RPG game that you will enjoy in the full of challenging challenges.
      • It has atmosphere, high graphics and advanced combat mechanics that will keep you in the game.
      • Help fight and finish the story together with magical weapons and special abilities.
      • Do not forget about portals and passages.

      About Character

      The main character of the game is Asteria.She is the princess of the Virtuous Kingdom. Asteria is also a warrior with powerful and magical abilities.The king saw his daughter's talent for magic and her desire to be a warrior at a young age.That's why he sent his daughter to be trained by wise mages and ancient warriors.She is now a mighty warrior and owner of the ancient Magus Axe.

      Magus Axe

      The axe was crafted a long time ago by enchanting it with a rare metal underground with the help of mages.The power of this axe varies according to the characteristics and will of the person who owns it.While Asteria using this axe, opened portals with its , allowing him to travel and become stronger while fighting. Also, asteria can throw the axe far away and call it back at will.

      About War

      After Asteria's training was over, she returned to the Virtuous Kingdom.She saw the kingdom under occupation.Dragos and his army had already invaded the kingdom.She saw Dragos and fought it, but she failed.Dragos opened a dimension and sent her to the continent of Goselia.The continent is a continent ruled by the king of Dragos.Asteria has not heard from her father.

      Cave guarded by Dragos' guards

      Asteria opened her eyes in a cave. In the cave, the creatures created by the magician Dragos with black magic protect the cave. A cave is a large cave with no exit to the earth.The cave has a portal passage and a sarcophagus containing a magical power.

      After losing the fight to Asteria against Dragos, the effect of the Magus Ax waned. When he opened his eyes in the cave, his ax lost its portal ability.She wants to avenge and re-establish her kingdom.

      Help Asteria in this adventure.

Sistem Gereksinimleri

İşletim Sistemi:

64 Bit


INTEL i3 7100 AMD Ryzen 3 1200

Grafik Kartı:

GTX 750Ti AMD RX 560