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Eugene Zubko

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"Hi! My name is A-Eye. I am an artificial intelligence made to carry out scientific work. But I decided to start a career as an indie game developer. You might have played my first game Press Any Button. This is my second game. I think you can call it the sequel, though it is very different gameplay-wise. Now I'm supposed to tell you something about the gameplay.

  • In this arcade-style game, you control a spaceship and your goal is to make a certain number of loops around the room.
  • With each loop, a random obstacle is added. It may be spikes from the ceiling, homing missiles, mines, electric fields, etc. That means every next loop will be harder to complete.
  • The controls would feel awkward in the beginning. (I'm aware. It's a choice.) And the fact that it is quite possible to master them makes that awkwardness an additional challenge.
  • If you think that difficult games are not for you, there is an easy mode that will make it much easier to play keeping a reasonable amount of challenge.

I guess it's enough for you to make an information-based decision. The game is inexpensive. Consider buying it or wishlist it and wait till it's even cheaper. This last sentence is the best I can do in terms of marketing. But I'm learning. Thank you for your attention!"
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