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** Story Summary

"Fal Crowly" the girl wizard, uses magic to make people smile.
But one day, an "Incubus's Spell" was put on her.

Her body, with the Incubus's Spell made her need to intake men's sperm once in a while
or else she would lose consciousness and become like a living corpse.
She acted brave knowing that she was put under that kind of spell, but she still felt fear by the minute.

The only way to break the curse was to throw down the person who put the curse on her.

With "Chifoll", a wizard that will help Fal, do what you can to get to the witch and break the curse.

** Game System

"Seed Growing System"
Grow the seeds that you get from different places, and harvest the deliverables.
The items you get can be used for quests or on the enemies in the dungeon.
You will be able to harvest the plants a day after growing them in the field.

"Quest System"
There is a woman names "Kukururu" in town, who works as a "request contractor".
She cooperates with Fal and is the person who connects people in trouble and Fal.
There are "key quests" which affect the way the story advances
and "sub quests" which do not affect the story.

"Easy Magic System"
There are "manadites" which are crystals filled with magic power
and "magic power activators" which are a tool which make magic happen.
If you have a manadite of every attribute as well as the magic power activator, wizards can work with Manas and use magic.
Regardless of the level, whether you can use it or not will depend on the item's comsumption.
Make sure you efficiently knock down you enemy!
Moreover, if you grow a seed called the "Mana Seed", you can get Manadites even though the attribute is random.

This game has 4 different endings.
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