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Explore three beautiful and interconected 6KM2 open worlds as you unravel the mystery of the ancient gods.

Choose between 8 starting classes, fight and level up to improve your class and evolve to your advanced class getting new and powerful abilities.

Archer -> Hunter -> Sniper

Dancer ->Singer -> Diva

Swordsman -> Ninja -> Samurai

Crusader -> Valkyrie -> Nova

Thief -> Rogue -> Assassin

Witch -> Sage -> Wizzard

Necromancer -> Soul Eater -> Warlock

Priestess -> Inquisitor -> Medic

A total of 24 classes to enjoy and fight against your friends online.

An epic story in which you will have to save the world of Lunaela and become the champion of the goddess.

Online mode with servers for up to 5 players. Both PVE to play the story together and PVP in specific areas for it. Create your server, join an existing one, or solo offline if you feel like it. Unlike other games, you can still use your character in online mode and change whenever you want.

As you explore you will find many different materials such as stone and iron, Go to the forge and with them you can create equipment that will improve your attributes.
You will also find mushrooms with which you can create different potions. Watch out because you will find something interesting every 5 steps while you explore!

Collectible cards! Each enemy has a small chance to drop their card upon death, granting you unique benefits. Can you get them all?

Trade your cards with other players online! Complete your collection at all costs by exchanging the cards you have duplicated for others you don't have yet with other players. (This feature will be added in a future update)

Get the camera and photograph the most wonderful places in the world to complete your album.

Legendary beasts, enemies and friends. The power of the dark god has corrupted the behavior of Lunaela's animals, defeat them in combat and you have a chance of them joining you. From super fast fox mounts to forming a familiar pact with a fairy that will allow you to glide and soar through the air. Find all 7 legendary beasts in total.

The legend of the 9 ancient diamonds is real and it is said that only the great connoisseurs of the secrets of the world of Lunaela manage to collect them all. Are you one of them? Getting them will fill you with coins and other riches.
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Windows 10 / 11



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GTX 1050