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You are Lumba. Your mission: Cleanse this earth. It is infected, you must save it.

LUMbA: REDUX is an enhanced version of LUMbA, a game you definitely haven't played. Follow the orders of Pal, your leader. Together you will take back what was lost and save the world from its destined downfall.

Take a deep dive into the twisted minds of Lumba and Pal as they embark on their crusade, both with the shared goal of uprooting the evil that has plagued their world for too long.

  • 8 Chapters Packed with Tons of Levels
  • A Sinister Storyline That Reveals Itself The More You Play
  • 10+ Unique Monster Types, All With Distinct Weapons and Behaviors
  • 8 Bossfights That Will Test Your Skill and Break You As A Person
  • An Original Soundtrack That Includes Haunting Ambient Tracks, As Well As Fast-Paced Breakcore
  • A Minimalistic Pixel Art Style That Leaves Much to The Interpretation

Director/Artist/Writer: Zachary (GzLoaf)
Composer/Writer: DB
Composer: Neatneet
Cover Artist: Axol
Publisher: Dallen Larson
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İşletim Sistemi:

Windows XP / Vista / 7


Intel Core i3 or higher

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430 MB available space