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Cosmo, Nullblade

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You are alone in the center of a star station, with endless enemies on all sides, each with the same goal in mind; Getting to you.

Fight waves of varied enemies

With 8 unique kinds of enemies, you'll face different waves with different enemies every run. A unique random spawning system sends varied waves of enemies from all directions, with greater quantities and strengths of waves every minute.

Unlock powerful additional drones

With 8 main weapons ranging from shotguns, to grenade launchers, to missile salvos, there's plenty of loadout options to explore.

Combine your drones with powerful modifiers

Discover unique synergies with the 8 modifiers you can apply to all of your drones. A gatling gun without recoil? A burst fire with giant bullets? A rapidfire railgun? It's up to you.

Compete on the global leaderboard

See how you compare against the top players in the world, and fight for the top spot.

Test your skills in nightmare mode

Fight to survive in the ultimate difficulty. Enemies come faster, have stronger effects, come in bigger waves, and vision is much more limited.

Survive in a hostile space station

There is no escape, you can only delay the inevitable. How long can you last as the lone bastion?
Sistem Gereksinimleri

İşletim Sistemi:

Windows 7 or higher


2 Ghz CPU

Grafik Kartı:

Intel HD Graphics 4000 or equivalent, Integrated cards also work