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Little Red Rocket Ship is a bullet hell game with shoot-'em-up and platforming sections, featuring challenging but short levels and multiple weapon and ship options.

Chapter 2 includes these features:
  • Blast your way through nine tough levels!
  • Fight an onslaught of procedurally generated challenges in Endless mode!
  • Choose from eight weapons and four ships!
  • Dash, jump, and shoot with style in the platforming sections!

Be here or be... sphere? Yeah, that works. Spheres are cool. You are also cool :)


Space… is vast. Filled with millions of marvels uncharted. Man has always looked wistfully up to the stars. First, as a lexicon of ancient tales of gods and mortals. Then, as guidance to scour the land and sail the seas.
Now? Man sails the stars.
Technology rapidly advanced to the point where, by the year 21XX, mankind developed technology capable of incredible feats of interstellar travel. This technology became accessible first to thrifty entrepreneurs who had funded the research for this mission.
However, this deal quickly turned into disaster.
The Intergalactic Space Corporation was one of these companies, and they were ruthless. Seizing the untamed landscape, these powerful elites asserted their authority as the sole rulers of this new world.
BUT… many who would not tolerate this gathered.
Rebel groups soon formed. From these was born the Rebel Coalition, a vigilante group dedicated to keeping order and peace among the stars.
One day, the highly skilled Captain BLU disappeared alongside a stockpile of equipment...
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Windows 7


Intel Core 2 Duo E6320 (2*1866) or equivalent