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Hybernation, H7 Games

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Somewhere in the Far Reaches of the Universe there is a lost-and-found station. Think about how much can be lost in such an immensity, yeah...

Your job is to organize the items and deliver them accordingly, but remember: organization comes first. Not everything that arrives in one day will be delivered in that same day! Quick note: NO wrong deliveries! NO objects on the floor! And be careful with your energy. Everything's okay for the delivery? Great, then activate the RED button and *puff*! Done and gone.

Mistakes result in terrible temporal interferences that can destabilize the entire universe, so please be careful. Did you panic? Press the YELLOW button, and we'll do our best to get you back in time. Simple as that.

As a registered LiS Corps employee, you are well aware that organization always come first, so don't let us down. Enjoy your productive hours — and know that many more are on the way!

Sjndsjn XJM753IIX - Former CEO of LiS Corps
(The incumbent one was too busy to write a memo.)

Game Features:
- English and Portuguese languages;
- Save your progress for each game mode;
- Stopwatch to mark your time;
- Practice Mode (Easy, Normal, and Hard);
- Journey Mode (Easy, Normal, and Hard);
- 36 different items;
- Upgrades and Achievements.
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Microsoft Windows 7


Intel Core I3