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WOW! You got a voucher for a free camping trip from The Bank! YAY! Now you can take some time off and enjoy the great outdoors. Its a good thing boogeymen and monsters don't exist... don't they? Just have to keep the fire lit through the night and their should be nothing to worry about...

The game is a first person, open adventure horror game, were you have to venture out and find fire wood in any order you like to keep a camp fire lit. Its the only safe place and checkpoint. There are multiple camp sites around the woods. You can venture out on your own into the darkness or following the "guiding Light". Look out for the map boards to help locate yourself and look out for notes for useful tips, as well as any items to help survive the night. If things get too stress full relax by the fire side and listen to the radio...

This is the first story for the Lil' Horror Stories series... as well as my first game release... I hope you enjoy!! Inspired by the old Creep Show and Goose Bumps stories from when I was a kid...

Game has 3 parts:

"Walk in the Park"(Normal Difficulty)

Camper marooned at their camp site and have to stick out the night and get 12 logs to complete the level.

"Time to Hike" (Hard Difficulty)

Ranger checking on the campers and retrieving Rick's lost ammo. Logs still have to be used for check points and the park power can be restored to help light things up...

"Hunting Trip"

Ranger returns with Rick's ammo to the Ranger cabins only to find!?!...

WARNING: Minor flashes, blood, jump scares...

Audio; best played with headphones.

Keyboard Controls:

I - Inventory/ Pause

E - Interact

W,S,D,A - Movement

Ctrl - Toggle Crouch

Shift - Hold on movement to run

Q - Use Marshmallow

Space Bar - Jump

MMB or F - Flashlight

G - Glow Stick

Supports Partial controller (menus still need to be navigated by mouse).

This lil horror story is done but as I learn more and can do more (Currently only Dev) I will polish and update as I continue my journey as a game developer...
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Windows 10



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4GB Dedicated

Depolama Alanı:

714 MB available space