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Winged Cloud

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Barely escaping death by being summoned into another world, Tomokazu gets the task to save a world he already saved once a couple of years prior. This time however he faces way more obstacles than last time because our hero cannot defeat the demon queen on his own. She took precautions and made herself immune to damage dealt by male heroes, forcing our protagonist to recruit and train skilled women.

Tomokazu and his team travel Aporia to find new allies and hints on the whereabouts of the demon queen because even though people saw Demon Queen Nazmul, noone can remember her face, voice or features.


• Use tiles to fight your foes and match the same tiles next to each other, to combo them for even bigger attacks! Level your skills and use equipment to grow even stronger.

• A Dungeon Crawler experience that leads you through dungeons, either leading to monsters or treasure,

• Get rewarded by leveling up different girls to unlock more scenes:

Fubuki is a sarcastic, tsundere mage, who summoned Tomokazu into their world. Her sister used to travel with him, much to her annoyance, which explains why Fubuki bears a grudge against him.

Ayumi is a determined knight, who constantly strives to become stronger. She is a kind hearted girl that only wants to protect the ones close to her heart but her prickle often gets in her way.

Tomoya is a priest and member of a noble family. She used to travel with one summoned hero, who returned her feelings. Now gone, she promised to never fall in love ever again.

• Level different skills, to either power up your favorite girl or give an overall damage boost to your team by leveling Skill Gems

• Running low on money? Use the quest board to get loot and money
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Windows 7+


1.2 GHz Pentium 4

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1280 x 720