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Bad Dudes are attacking Kitty City.

Team Kitty has United to Bash the Bad Dudes.

"KITBASHERS UNITED" is a fantastic 'JRPG inspired' game with a turn-based combat system.

After years of relentless battles against the Bad Dudes, finally, peace seems to return to Kitty City, but, then, the Bad Dudes have returned, and this time they brought some Bosses with them.

You and Your Team embark on an action-packed adventure.

Together Red, Green, and Blue Kitty join forces and begin their perilous journey.

They have to face more and more challenging enemies along the way across several exciting areas.

Level up to gain new skills and spells in the tier-based system.

Enjoy an Epic soundtrack.

*** Challenges ***

"Easter Egg" Challenge - How many other Archor Games Logos Appear in the Game ?
"Speed Run" Challenge - What is the Fastest Time You can Complete the Game ?
"Gotta Catch 'Em All" Challenge - Kill every Bad Dude in the entire Game, How Many Bad Dudes are there Total ?
Evan the Adventurer Challenge - Explore every inch of the entire map on each game level.
"Musically Challenged" Challenge - Some Levels have more than one Music Track, How Many Tracks Total are in the entire game ?
"No Skills to Pay the Bills" Challenge - Don't use any Combat Skills during the Entire Game.
"Steamy Streamer" Challenge - Get ALL of the Archor Games products available on Steam and Stream ALL of them Beginning to End.