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Kiss the Demiurge is a dramatic yuri visual novel about magic, delusions, and love.

"For the purification of humanity!"

Kiss the Demiurge follows the story of Minori Nakahashi, a girl with magic powers who has been tasked by a secret society to keep magic hidden from the world. She feels intense feelings for other girls but has sworn off of love to dedicate her life to her mission, viewing herself as little more than a tool of the secret society.
One day she discovers a ""magic club"" while investigating a high school, made up of three delusional girls who mistakenly believe themselves to have magic powers of their own. Minori is enraged by the very concept of the club, and transfers schools to infiltrate and destroy the club. But to her surprise, she slowly finds herself falling in love with the girls of the club and is forced to question her mission and ideals.

The visual novel has three romantic routes and roughly 165,000 words. There is only one choice, so the reader can simply enjoy the story without having to worry about getting a bad ending.


Minori works tirelessly to keep the world safe from magic. She considers herself to be a machine whose personal feelings are irrelevant. But even the stoic Minori has a sensitive side. She feels great attraction towards other girls, which she views as a distraction. But how long will she be able to suppress those feelings for?

Akane is the self-proclaimed leader of the club. She claims that she's descended from an ancient line of magical samurai and will proudly boast of this heritage to anyone who'll listen. She's certain that one day the world will understand her genius, and give her family the respect they deserve.

Chitori is a shy fortune teller. She would like for nothing more than the world to leave her alone with her books. Whether it's tarot cards, astrology, or a crystal ball, she'll use whatever she can to predict the future and avoid any unwanted surprises.

The elegant and beautiful Tomoko claims to be a spirit medium who regularly speaks to the spirits of the dead. She's always eager to help people connect with the spirits of deceased friends and family. Perhaps a little bit too eager...

Sistem Gereksinimleri

İşletim Sistemi:

Windows 7 or higher.


2.0 Ghz 64-bit Intel-compatible

Grafik Kartı:

OpenGL 3.0 or DirectX 11