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When was the last time you played a really unique game?

A game whose feeling couldn't be captured in any other game.

A game that stands alone. A game that takes a risk.

Although a seemingly simple, concept on the surface. This game is designed to be a gem. A game that scratches a NEW itch. A game that will always hold a special place in your library as something NO OTHER GAME can compare to.

It isn't easy to put into words. It's impossible to describe through listing mechanics.

But, should you take the time to complete it, you'll discover something special.

A brand new world awaits you.

Are you ready, Operator?

---Basic Gameplay---

Your player is stationary.

Enemies can't be avoided, only killed.

Click enemies to damage them.

The faster you click the more damage you deal.

Cast powerful specials.

Like this BLACK HOLE.

Unlock new tools as you fight your way up the mountain

Discover the Force Behind It All

Run it back

Play a built-in Speedrunning mode that works hand-in-hand with the game's core mechanics. Time only ticks when levels are active, and stops once they're completed.

Check the Global Leaderbards

See how you rank against players all over the world!


  • 50+ Levels
  • 6 cursors
  • 6 cursor upgrades
  • 7 passives
  • 5 combat items
  • 8 unlockable terminal skins
  • 4 different game modes
  • A Customizable cursor trail color
  • A minimalist graphics mode to change the game's look
  • Yes, you CAN turn the screen shake off

Before You Buy

  • At the moment, no controller support. (It is called keyboard warrior)
  • You'll be required to play through the game once on normal mode before you can speedrun.
  • If you have any serious wrist or forearm problems on your clicking hand, please proceed with caution. Thank you.

Good luck.
Sistem Gereksinimleri

İşletim Sistemi:

Windows 7


AMD Ryzen 5 4500x

Grafik Kartı:

AMD Radeon RX 570x