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"Kentor and also Bloby" is a family friendly story book in the shape of a platformer. There are no deaths, no game overs, no bosses and no combat. Even your very youngest should be able to play it to completion.

Kentor and also Bloby live on Planet J, where they invent machines and helpful tools to make the daily lives of their Tor neighbors a little better. On the day that he reveals his latest invention, it's stolen from the show floor by Krooktor and his mischevious Krookery Crew. Guide Kentor (and also Bloby) across Planet J on a journey to get it back.

Move from left to right, jumping over obstacles, listening to subtitled narration, watching short movies that set up new scenes and speaking with Tors that you meet on the way.

"Kentor and also Bloby" is a series that will continue with episodic playable stories like this one on a schedule of one release every 4-6 months. Each game will continue the story and build the world a little more while staying family friendly and playable by everyone.
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