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Kapow Pets! From RavenFist Studios, the developers who brought you Unicorn Tails, comes a whole new animal-based adventure. Play Kapow Pets using physics-based blasts (kapows!) to strategically move your pet through over 50 story levels. Control the strength and direction that your pet moves, then watch the fun as the pet launches and bounces its way to victory!

In Kapow Pets you play a traditional platformer in a whole new way: One kapow at a time! Use your favorite controller, mouse and keyboard, or touch screen controls (if your device supports them) to choose the direction and power that you use to kapow your pets. Then let physics take over! Or, for the speedy players out there, kapow again in midair for extra precision! Play through story levels, time trial, and challenge levels.

Kapow Pets comes with one starter pet and 16 unlockable pets. All pets are unlocked through gameplay. Each pet has a special attribute and power that can drastically change how a level is played. Some pets can breeze through a level while other pets can make the level a brain-twisting challenge. Find the pet that best fits your play style or preference.

Let’s be honest, find the pet that you think is the cutest and play with that one!

  • 1 starter pet with 16 unlockable pets, each with a unique personality and skill
  • 50+ levels that tell a full story
  • Time Trial mode! Finish levels as fast as you can for bonuses
  • Challenge Levels
  • Unique gameplay with support for mouse and keyboard, or controller
Sistem Gereksinimleri

İşletim Sistemi:

Windows 7 SP1+


Intel i3 2.4ghz or Compatible

Grafik Kartı:

Onboard Graphics