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Single Player OR Multiplayer Jet Fighter Game with OR without A.I. Bots.

Fly different Jets (Including SR71, B2, F16 and SU33).

Up to 32 Players (16 each team) and up to 99 A.I. Bots on Each Team.
** NOTE: Use the Slider Bars in the Menu to set the # of Bots. **

Use Guns and Missiles to defeat the other team to win !

Climb Your way to the top, shoot and hunt enemies in a multiplayer match up to 32 players.

You will be challenged to determine the best pilot who destroys the other jet fighters.

Take Your Jet to new heights, the sky is NO Limit !

*** UPDATE : Added Online/Internet Multiplayer via SteamCore *** (Version M)

NOTE : To Host an Online Game You will need to OPEN a Port on Your Router
Try PORT 7777 and/or 27015

See the Following Guides for Help . . .