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Farming is tough. It's more difficult when nature is working against you.

When insect sprays don't really work any more, the last resort is to introduce some Invasive Species. They certainly help solve one problem, but they can create a whole set of other problems in the process. It's up to you to manage the good and bad of the species in the game that help you grow healthy crops to sell at a premium. Juggling the most profitable crops to grow with the species that are on your land is a season-by-season puzzle that requires smarts, strategy, and a bit of luck.

70+ different invasive species that can be bought and introduced into the world. From insects to lizards to birds to wild beasts. You can use them all to manage and protect your land. You can even use them to sabotage your rival farmers and their crops!

-More than 100 items you can buy to help you take care of your farm. Fertilizers, tools, machines, gadgets, etc. You can automate parts of the farming process to free up your time so you can manage a larger farmstead and make even more money.

-Unique soil quality system. Different soil qualities and nutrients alter how well crops grow and how many nutrients they get for growth. Not all crops can grow as well on all tiles of land, but the land can be modified with various fertilizers to make it ideal for different crops.

-Dynamic weather system. Droughts and floods may occur, but not because of some triggered or planned event. The dynamic weather system ensures that rain, snow, cold, and heat all occur in a dynamic fashion just as it does in the real world.

-Seasons mean you have a finite window in which to grow your crops. Plant your seeds too early and they'll wither. Plant them too late and the late-season cold will freeze them out. Watch the seasons change. Leaves change color and fall and grass goes brown. Snow falls and turns everything a peaceful blanket of white. But in the spring and summer you see the grass get green; leaves grow back, and it's time to plant your crops for a new profitable season.

-Buy and construct buildings to give you storage space, water your crops, fuel your machines, or store your harvest until prices are high to sell.

-Dynamic and changing economy. Prices fluctuate as rival farmers buy up supplies and materials. Be first to sell your crops so you lock in a high price. Or buy a silo to store your harvest until demand has spiked and you're practically printing money.

-Rival AI farmers that not only affect the economy, but they also can be devious enough to release some harmful invasive species on your land to harm your crops. But don't worry, you can do the same to them.

-Expand your farm. Buy new plots of land to farm and harvest. More crops means more money. Means more land. Means more crops.
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